Rules of the Mississippi Board of Animal Health

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Ch. 07 - Disposition of Dead Animals

100 Proper disposal of one (1) or more carcasses and offal of all livestock except poultry and swine reared in confined swine operations.

1. Carcass(es) must be buried at a depth sufficient to prevent offensive odors, fly breeding, and unearthing by other animals, and shall be covered under at least two (2) feet of compacted earth and after each settles, more dirt shall be placed over surface to prevent ponding effect.

2. Carcass(es) shall be buried on the owner's property, or on another's property with specific approval of the owner, or in permitted landfills. The carcass(es) shall be buried at least 150 feet from adjoining landowners property, at least 300 feet from an inhabited dwelling, or on land not in cultivation. All carcasses shall be buried before the end of the work day unless weather or environmental conditions absolutely prohibit.

3. Composters and incinerators may be used with written permission from the State Veterinarian.

4. In case of the disposal of large numbers of animal carcasses due to catastrophe or disease, it will be necessary to contact the Board of Animal Health for approval of the disposal site. A trench or pit shall be constructed in such a manner not to allow rainwater to drain and must be approved by the state veterinarian.

5. Offal from processing facilities need a disposal permit from the State Veterinarians Office.

Source:  Miss. Code Ann . §69-15-3.


Disposal of Dead Swine in a Confined Swine Feeding Operation

101 No dead swine, carcasses, offal or any parts of any dead swine shall be disposed of by throwing or leaving along public roads, in fields or woods or in any place; but must be properly disposed of in an approved incinerator or compost system within 24 hours of death, or by transportation to an approved rendering facility or permitted land fill.

1. The premises of each person growing swine for himself or others, is hereby quarantined upon the placing of any dead swine carcass in other than a, incinerator, compost unit approved by the Mississippi Board of Animal Health, or properly transported to a rendering facility or properly permitted landfill. Such quarantine shall not be applicable to any person growing swine who provides and maintains a method of disposal of dead swine carcasses that has been approved by the Mississippi Board of Animal Health as satisfactory to him to prevent the spread of disease.

2. To aid in the enforcement of the laws of this State, and these regulations, the Mississippi Board of Animal Health shall issue to each person growing swine, for himself or others, a certificate of compliance with the provisions of the laws relating to disease prevention and these Regulations.

3. The Mississippi Board of Animal Health shall determine the form and contents of the certificate issued to the producer. The certificate shall be numbered and shall be valid until cancelled or revoked by the Mississippi Board of Animal Health. The violation of any of these Regulations shall be sufficient grounds for the revocation, cancellation, or suspension of the certificate provided therein, after notice and hearing.

4. Incinerators, or compost units shall be designed constructed and maintained in a manner capable of providing a method of disposal of dead swine carcasses in a manner to prevent the spread of disease. Each such unit shall be utilized in such a manner as to dispose of the contents thereof effectively. Disposal units shall be of a design, and constructed in a manner, approved by the Mississippi Board of Animal Health. Further that the composter or incinerator unit be located at least 150 feet from the property line or 600 feet from the nearest dwelling.

5. In cases of catastrophic loss, emergency permits for disposal can be granted by contacting the Mississippi Board of Animal Health.

Source: Miss. Code Ann . §69-15-3.


102 Disposal of Poultry is covered in sections 105 and 106 of Chapter 13 of this Subpart.

Source: Miss. Code Ann . §69-15-3.