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Mississippi Poultry Products are Safe

On February 4th, 2006 the Mississippi Board of Animal Health implemented a statewide surveillance program for Avian Influenza (AI) within the commercial poultry industry. This in addition to the inspection of poultry prior to being processed, assures the safety and quality of chicken raised in Mississippi.

National Wild Bird Surveillance Information

Food Safety Issues

The World Health Organization reconfirms that, when poultry products are safely handled and properly cooked, humans are not at risk of acquiring H5N1 infection through food.


Is there a risk for becoming infected with avian influenza by eating poultry?

There is no evidence that properly cooked poultry or eggs can be a source of  infection for avian influenza viruses. For more information about avian  influenza and food safety issues, visit the World Health Organization website. The U.S. government carefully controls domestic and imported food products, and in 2004 issued a ban on importation of poultry from countries affected by avian influenza viruses, including the H5N1 strain. This ban still is in place.

For more information, see Embargo of Birds, www.cdc.gov/flu/avian/outbreaks/embargo.htm.

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