Mississippi Animal Disaster Relief Fund

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About the Fund

The Mississippi Animal Disaster Relief Fund (MADRF) was established by the Mississippi Board of Animal Health (MBAH), the Mississippi Veterinary Medical Association (MVMA) and the Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine (MSU-CVM) to provide a mechanism in which monetary donations could be received and disbursements made following Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Following this event, the fund was utilized to provide care to animals and to support reestablishment of local infrastructure. The MADRF has been transitioned to a permanent fund that can provide assistance to Mississippians and their animals affected by any disaster in the state. The following guidelines provide purpose, direction, and accountability for this fund.


The purpose of the MADRF is to provide assistance to Mississippians during recovery from disasters affecting domesticated animals, as well as support efforts to mitigate, prevent, and protect animal health and welfare in disasters. This includes activities such as reimbursement for out-of-pocket animal care and veterinary costs, distribution of vouchers for immediate veterinary care, support of local veterinary business continuity, preparation for animal care and sheltering, stockpiling supplies, providing for emergency hay and feed needs, and training emergency responders.


Donations can be made to the Mississippi Animal Disaster Relief Fund by sending a check to:

P. O. Box 395
Clinton, Mississippi  39060

Download Contribution Form (PDF).

Funds may be earmarked for particular response activities or for a specific species (eg, horses, dogs and cats, veterinarians, shelters).  Any funds not specifically earmarked may be disbursed at the discretion of the committee under the MADRF guidelines.

Application for Funds

Any individual Mississippi resident who may incur or has incurred expenses for animal care related to a natural or man-made disaster may apply.  Groups such as animal shelters, veterinary clinics, and farm entities may also apply.  Supporting agencies under the Mississippi Emergency Support Function (ESF) 11: Animals, Agriculture, and Natural Resources may apply for monies to prepare for and respond to the care, health, and welfare of animals in disaster situations per their responsibilities in the state response plan.

Unless specifically designated by the donor, funds may not be used for loss of income, wages, or salaries.

Application forms will be available on the following websites:
MBAH – Mississippi Animal Disaster Relief Fund (PDF)
MSU-CVM – https://www.vetmed.msstate.edu/outreach/community-engagement/training/animal-disaster-relief-fund
MVMA – www.msvet.org

Completed applications should be sent to the MVMA.  Application forms must be accompanied by receipts and/or any other documentation verifying the applicant’s needs and expenses. Additional documentation may be requested by the committee based on the disaster event and may include site assessments performed by the Mississippi Animal Response Team.

Distribution of Funds

Completed applications for funding will be distributed to MADRF committee members by the committee chair and reviewed within 14 days.  A written response will be provided by the MADRF committee chair to the applicant as soon as possible after completion of the review and no longer than 30 days after receipt of the application by MVMA.  Final approval will be made by the State Veterinarian and the committee chair.  The committee chair will be responsible for notifying the MVMA Treasurer/Secretary and the applicant of the decision.  Under emergency conditions, “conditional approval” may be made until documentation can be reviewed.  Conditional approval allows funds to be released quickly by unanimous approval by at least 50% of the committee members, which must include either the State Veterinarian or the committee chair.

Contact Information

Further application information can be obtained by contacting the following:

Mississippi Veterinary Medical Association
P. O. Box 395
Clinton, Mississippi 39060
Phone: 662-323-5057
Website: www.msvet.org

Mississippi Board of Animal Health
P.O. Box 3889
121 N. Jefferson St.
Jackson, MS 9207
Phone: 601-359-1170
Website: www.mbah.ms.gov