Bovine Trichomoniasis (Trich) Control Emergency Rule

Effective April 1, 2020

Every bull that is sold, exchanged, leased or transferred in ownership shall be accompanied by either:

  1. Valid negative Trich test result within 90 days, and/or
  2. Signed Virgin bull statement for bulls less than 18 months of age that have never been with breeding females.  Bull age will be determined as no more than one permanent incisor tooth visible

Bulls coming into a stockyard without Virgin Bull Statement or valid negative Trich test must be consigned to slaughter.

Bulls can be purchased from the slaughter pen and be Trich tested by the stockyard veterinarian the day of the sale and quarantined pending a negative test.

What does the Mississippi Trich Rule Mean to you?
Trich is a sexually transmitted disease where bulls don’t show signs so control starts with eliminating positive bulls.

Trich causes abortions resulting in up to 50% calf crop losses in timed breeding operations or prolonged calving intervals where bulls are left with cows year round.  This results in a devastating calf loss for the year.

Bulls over 18 months cannot be purchased at a stockyard and taken back to a farm without a Trich test.

Bulls Trich tested at a stockyard must be quarantined until the results are received.  Bulls tested on farm must be kept separate from cows until the results are received.

A MBAH inspector present at the stockyard will write quarantine papers for bulls tested at the stockyard.

Any bull that tests positive for Trich must be sent directly to slaughter or sold for slaughter.