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Animal Care Fund


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Regulations – Chapter 04 – Animal Care Fund

Scope of Rules


Pursuant Miss. Code Ann. 69-15-19 the Mississippi Board of Animal Health is charged with administering those funds collected from the “I Care For Animals” car tag program. Accordingly, these rules have been developed to implement the Animal Care Fund program.

  1. Application
    1. Any person or other entity (hereinafter “Applicant”) desiring to acquire monies from the Animal Care Fund (hereinafter “the Fund”) shall complete and submit an application to the Mississippi Board of Animal Health (hereinafter “the (“MBAH”).
    2. The application shall require the Applicant to specify the name of the project/activity or event (hereinafter “Project”), on which the funds are to be used and the details of the Project, such as expenses, costs, completion dates, locations of planned activities and other necessary requirements. Applications must be submitted at least thirty (30) days prior to a board meeting of the MBAH in order to be placed on the agenda. The MBAH. shall then decide whether or not to recommend that an applicant shall receive a grant from the Fund.
    3. Those Projects requesting monies from the Fund for spay/neutering activities shall receive priority by the Board over other applications, in its consideration of the distribution of monies from the Fund.
    4. Applications shall contain a signature of the person authorized by the applicant to execute binding documents. Also attached to the application for a private applicant shall be a copy of the organization’s articles of incorporation, the IRS tax-exempt determination letter (or documentation of its pending status), a list of officers and directors (with addresses and telephone numbers), and a copy of any reports, newsletters or other information of the organization’s activities.
    5. Under no condition are monies distributed from the Fund to be used for euthanasia activities.

Amended: February 14, 2014
Source: Miss. Code Ann. §69-15-19

  1. Appeals
    1. There shall be no appeal process for those Projects or organizations which were determined by a local authority to not warrant funding.
    2. Both the MBAH and the local authority shall provide written notification of their decisions on a project to the applicant.
    3. The transfer of Funds through which a Board of Supervisors or Municipality shall donate Fund monies to a private organization shall be limited to only those organizations or groups recognized as legal entities under Mississippi law and approved as a tax exempt organization by the Internal Revenue Service status.
    4. The MBAH shall create an Animal Care Fund Advisory Group (hereinafter “the Advisory Group”) comprised of individuals who represent various animal care and volunteer organizations from areas located throughout the state. The MBAH shall have complete discretion in selecting these individuals and shall make every effort to select said individuals from organizations located at each geographic region of the state of Mississippi . The purpose of this group is to meet with the State Veterinarian (or designated person) to review the applications and to provide a recommendation to MBAH as to acceptable allocations from the Fund. Such recommendations shall be advisory only.
    5. At no time shall a local authority allocate the entirety of the monies held in the Fund.
    6. Within 60 days of completion of a Project, brief report providing information on the Project’s successes, difficulties and recommendations for improvements, shall be submitted to the MBAH by the grant recipient for inclusion in the Project file.
    7. Any approved organization receiving funds through a Board of Supervisors or Municipality, shall retain all records and documentation associated with the awarded Project, for a period of no less than three years. MBAH shall have the right to audit these records, upon reasonable notice, to verify and certify that all funds were expended as designated by the Project.

(Adopted November 10, 2003.)

Source: Miss. Code Ann . §69-15-19.