MBAH Regulations

Organization of the Board of Animal Health


Chapter 01

Public Records Request Procedure


Chapter 02

Procedure for Oral Proceedings on Rule-Making


Chapter 03

Procedure for Issuing Declaratory Opinion


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Animal Care Fund


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Chronic Wasting Disease


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Disposition of Dead Animals


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Livestock Dealers


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Livestock Sales


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Equine Infectious Anemia


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Exotic Livestock


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Entry Requirements


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Psittacosis Control


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Reportable Diseases


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Scrapie Eradication


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Animal Rabies Control


Chapter 19

Bovine Trichomoniasis Control


Chapter 20

Approved Veterinarians


Chapter 21

Quarantine and Stand-still Orders

Regulations – Chapter 20 – Approved Veterinarians



Board Approval. A veterinarian may not perform veterinary services in any auction barn, commission barn, livestock auction, livestock market, equine sale, stockyard or place of livestock trading in the State of Mississippi unless and until he has been especially approved to perform such services in said places by the Mississippi Board of Animal Health (“Board”). Such approval shall be site specific. The State Veterinarian shall have the authority to approve a veterinarian to perform such services on a temporary basis pending formal Board action, which approval shall in no case exceed ninety (90) days.


Basic Qualifications. In order to be approved by the Board, a veterinarian must meet the following qualifications:

  1. Hold the degree of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from an accredited college or university.
  2. Be licensed to practice veterinary medicine in the State of Mississippi.
  3. Be Category II accredited by USDA-APHIS, VS for the State of Mississippi.
  4. Have such additional professional certification, training or ability as may be required by the State Veterinarian.


Application. A veterinarian seeking approval must submit to the Board a fully completed application and such further documentation as the Board may require.


Term of Approval. The approval of a veterinarian shall be effective for the life of the veterinarian, provided he continues to meet the Basic Qualifications set forth herein, and his approval has not been revoked as set forth herein.


Relinquishment of Approval. A veterinarian that has been approved by the Board may relinquish his approval at any time by a written instrument submitted to the Board.


Grounds for Refusal to Grant Approval or to Suspend or Revoke Approval. The Board may refuse to grant its approval of a veterinarian or may suspend or revoke its approval of a veterinarian on any one or more of the following grounds:

  1. The suspension or revocation of the veterinarian’s license by the Mississippi Board of Veterinary Medicine.
  2. The suspension or revocation of the veterinarian’s accreditation by USDA-APHIS, VS.
  3. Failure of the veterinarian to maintain such additional professional certification, training or ability as may be required by the State Veterinarian.
  4. Violating any of the animal health laws or regulations of the State of Mississippi.
  5. Submitting for analysis fraudulent or mislabeled samples of blood or other body fluids or tissues.
  6. Failing to timely report test results.
  7. Submitting false or fraudulent information concerning an animal health issue to any government agency or individual.
  8. Submitting a fraudulent claim or invoice for veterinary services.
  9. Obtaining a certificate, license or approval through fraud, deception or misrepresentation.
  10. Has engaged in any act of negligence, malpractice, incompetence or misconduct in his veterinary practice.
  11. Has been convicted of, or engaged in any act constituting, a crime of moral turpitude.
  12. Has had his authority to engage in the activity regulated by the Board revoked or suspended by any other state or government agency.
  13. Is presently engaged in drug or alcohol use that is likely to impair his ability to practice his profession with skill and safety.
  14. Has prescribed controlled substances indiscriminately or for a non-medical reason.
  15. Failure to submit a filled-out application or other documents required by the Board.


Immediate Suspension. The State Veterinarian may, upon written notice to the approved veterinarian and pending final determination of a disciplinary action, summarily suspend the approval of a veterinarian immediately, when it is deemed necessary to protect the public health, safety or interest.


Disciplinary Proceedings. Administrative proceedings to suspend or revoke the approval of a veterinarian shall be commenced by the filing of a written complaint with the Board, setting forth the grounds for a suspension or revocation. Likewise, proceedings by a veterinarian challenging the refusal to grant his approval shall be commenced by filing a written complaint with the Board, setting forth the reasons why the refusal to grant his approval was unlawful. The case shall then be conducted in accordance with the procedures and guidelines set forth in Miss. Code Ann. §§69-15-51 to 69-15-69, with the exception of the following provisions, which shall apply only in proceedings to suspend or revoke a veterinarian’s approval or to compel the granting or renewal of his approval. In veterinarian approval cases, the reviewing officer, hearing committee and Board shall have the power and authority to suspend or revoke the veterinarian’s approval or to compel the Board to grant a veterinarian’s approval. A suspension may be in effect for a period not to exceed one year, after which the veterinarian’s approved status will be automatically restored. Any time after the expiration of three years from the date of the revocation of his approval, the veterinarian may reapply for approval, at which time he must meet all the prerequisites for initial approval, and show that he has made full amends and restitution to all persons who may have suffered pecuniary loss by reason of the misconduct for which his approval was revoked. Also, no fines or civil penalties may be levied against a veterinarian in veterinarian approval cases.

Source: Miss. Code Ann. §69-15-9.